All over the World, Student Athletes Need a Hero

Hello World,

Welcome to Athletes Dream Online, my name is Ash Smith, the Founder & CEO. Thank you for taking your time to understand our global movement. The headline says it all…Globally, Student Athletes Need a Hero.

We are finally here and ready to deliver massive change. For many it will seem this is an overnight occurance, but I will always reflect on the last 8 years, and the journey around the Globe that this really was, validating the need for a Global Scholarship platform for Student Athletes through meetings with The Open University, International Olympic Committee, UNESCO, UNOSDP, European Union, multiple National Olympic Committees, International & National Sport Federations and IMG.

Athletes Dream Online is an active 501(c)3 in Palm Beach Florida, set to positively change Communities of the World through Education and Sport. Student Athletes in over 150 countries are to start gaining access to Online University Education Scholarships thanks to revolutionary links between key personnel, key organizations and the World leading deliverer of Online University Education.

Previously, Student Athletes from any where in the World have had only one major pathway for a Full Education Scholarship to support their Sport endeavors, this being the NCAA, NJCAA or NAIA in the United States.

Now, through strong relationships that provide crucial links for delivery, Athletes Dream Online is the New Global Solution for Student Athletes who seek a University Degree in their home country, enabling them to study Online around their busy pursuit of their Sport at the highest level, which will also now certainly be in their home country.

Athletes Dream Online brings massive positive attention to Corporations, Philanthropists, International & National Sports Bodies while also encouraging National Security through Government relations.

We are excited to meet you, to make a difference together, Ash Smith – Founder & CEO

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