Key Education & Sport Stakeholders; with ADO

Hello World,

With 2020 crawling to an end, we welcome 2021 with great enthusiasm. While 2020 was for many, filled with much uncertainty when in the present and when gazing into the future, ADO is a platform that offers hope for a better future. Ready to bless the Nations like a Holy Spirit, ADO encompasses the essence of future leadership, guiding todays Youth through new Education opportunities that supports their Elite Sport schedules.

Athletes around the world will rejoice in the provision of these revolutionary Scholarships. The activation and implementation of the ADO platform, immediately allows Athletes access to Online University Degrees in over 150 countries. Entire transparency of activities is rest-assured; Grant Thornton the Accounting firm of choice for ADO.

We are thrilled to be aligned with The Open University in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom. Not only are they the Worlds largest online University, but they incredibly celebrated 50 years in 2020! Impressive foresight when you consider they started educating through the Radio. We are so proud to be a small part of their 2070 vision for the next 50 years!

We have strength in our relationships to the top end of world sport through AdviSport, a Swiss Sports/Legal Consulting Company who are, for example; hired by The Olympics to bring Sports into the Olympic Games to become a new medalled sport. Merely one example of the great work silently delivered by AdviSport to the World of Sport.

May Good Bless every soul in the world with a Safe and Happy Holidays, a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years.

2021 will bring the best year yet..! – Ash

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