Team ADO

Ash Smith – Founder & President

Born & Raised in Adelaide, “The City of Churches”. Founder & CEO generator of over $77.5m in four-year scholarship value for Student Athletes to compete in American Colleges. Pioneer of International Athlete Education, Creator of The ADO, first Global Athlete Eligibility Centre. Ash has rare experiences with IOC, UN and WME.

Tony Giles – Secretary

Chairman of Founder of AWDS Group, Adelaide Australia in 1988. Member of Australian Institute of Company Directors & Logistics Association of Australia. All Australian Pro Football Team 1983 & Life Member of the Port Adelaide Football Club.

Gillian Hosier – University Advisor

Works with a wide & diverse range of donors, from individual gifts through to experienced philanthropists bestowing major gifts, securing support for projects across The Open University. Gillian is also responsible for ensuring that the goals and objectives of each of our donors are met.

Wendy Walesch – Marketing Director & Board Member

Marketing & PR Consultant, Strategist and Facilitator. Major Sponsor and Donor for events benefiting Children’s Health & Education: Gary Player & Dennis Quaid Events, Committee and Donor: Food for the Poor, Home Safe, Mental Health, Cancer Society, LPGA ADT Championship. 

Arthur L. Bernstein – Board Member

Individual Life & Health Insurance, Employee Benefit Analysis & Group Business Development at Richard S. Bernstein & Associates Inc. Producer, Writer, Actor & Director; Walt Before Mickey, Swing State, Brawler and New Life.

Jean-Laurent Bourquin – International Advisor

Founder & CEO of AdviSPORT in 2011. Over 25 years expertise at the highest level of world of sport (professional relationships with over 50 International Sports Federations, attendance at 12 Olympic Games and more than 70 world championships).

Maura Brassil-Day – International Advisor

National Director for Navy League of the United States and on the Commissioning Committee for the USS FORT LAUDERDALE. Worked in protection and safety of the seas involving Coast Guard, Bahamas Defense Force & Ministry of Fisheries and Air Space between the U.S. and The Bahamas with Ministry of Aviation.